If you’re looking for the best Greek bread in Finchley - you found us! Check out our flavour packed menu for authentic Greek bread, desserts and coffees. We’re sure after you’ve finished reading all about the most delicious types of Greek bread - you’ll have worked up an appetite.

Bread lovers will be hard pushed to choose their favourite Greek bread since there are over 70 different types. Bread makes the perfect side dish, breakfast, starter or snack - so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular.

Crusty Greek Bread - Horiatiko Psomi

One of the most delicious crusty bread you are ever going to eat. This Greek bread is baked in wood-burning ovens, giving it a distinct crust and crunch.

One of the best things about this bread is that it can be made with all different types of flour, and you will always get spectacular results.

Olive Bread - Eliopsomo

When you think of delicious Greek starters, you will undoubtedly be thinking about olives. So what could be better than a crusty loaf packed with olives? It’s not just olives you will find as you break into this Greek bread, though.

Onions, herbs and olives are what make this bread taste incredible.

Serve up this bread with a traditional Greek coffee, wine and cheeses for the perfect snack.

Sweet Bread - Lazarakia

If you have a sweet tooth, then this deliciously sweet bread is ideal. Many Greek foods are made from cultural traditions, and this bread is no different. Lazarus, a friend of Jesus, is where this bread originates from.

Unlike many sweet loaves of bread that are just flavoured with sugar, Lazarakia bread is flavoured with cinnamon and anise. And you will notice that they are typically jewelled with raisins.

If you have a sweet tooth, try some Baklava or the syrupy favourite Galaktoboureko with an authentic Greek coffee for a decadent dessert.

Homemade Greek Bread - Spitiko

This is a plain, soft and delicious bread - perfect toasted, warm or for dipping in houmous. A perfect crust with a sumptuous soft middle means this bread is the perfect side dish, breakfast with butter, and of course, a side of traditional Greek coffee.

The olive oil that the bread is made with gives it a distinctive taste and is so moreish you won’t be able just to have one slice!

Greek Bread Ring - Koulouria

The Koulouria is one of the most popular loaves of bread in the entirety of Greece, and it’s not hard to see why! While it appears to be a simple ring of break, there are many different types, including Koulouri Thessalonikis - which you can find on our menu. The Koulouri Thessalonikis variety is coated in sesame seeds giving the bread a gorgeous savoury flavour.

Koulouria can also be made with cheese, honey, olives and raisins.

Greek bread is packed with flavour and offers the perfect crust for dipping or crunching, and it is never better matched than with delicious dips and spreads, a good glass of Greek wine or one of our traditional Greek coffees!

Whether you want a loaf of bread, coffee, breakfast or looking for a birthday cake or a wedding cake, and catering for an event, Apollo Bakery is here to help.
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