Prevents heart disease 

The Greek diet will reduce your intake of processed foods and red meat, instead emphasizing white meat, such as chicken, or even fish like salmon. Furthermore, Greek foods come packed with an array of vegetables, whether fried or roasted, which can add subtle textures and intriguing flavours that will also reduce the risk of a stroke and heart disease. 

Keeps you nimble

Slowing down is all part of the ageing process, and you might not feel as agile or nimble as you once did. This doesn’t need to be a permanent issue, though. A consistent Greek diet is full of essential nutrients that reduce the chances of weak muscles by up to 70%, and this is perfect for anyone who still wants to maintain an active lifestyle. Whether you are training for a half marathon or want to build your strength, there are few better options than the Greek diet to keep you strong and nimble. 

Protects from diabetes 

The Greek diet is high in fibre, which enables better digestion and keeps your blood sugar at a safe level. This has a direct impact on protecting you from diabetes and also keeps you at a healthy weight. As there are other health issues associated with this, you can do more, feel more energised each day, which will complement your diet and make it easier to manage your lifestyle. 

Reduces the risk of degenerative disease 

Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease are all issues that can affect you later in life. Although you cannot always prevent these, the Greek diet can reduce the risk of you being affected by them. The food can reduce cholesterol levels and promote healthy blood vessels. The antioxidants, especially those present in olives that are packed with Vitamin E, keeps cells healthy and flushes toxins from the body. 

Longer life 

The Greek diet won’t help you become immortal, but it can increase your lifespan thanks to the healthy properties of many of the ingredients. By promoting exceptional circulatory and muscle health, you can avoid many problems that can cause issues in old age. This allows you to live longer and happier. 

Something healthy and delicious 

Apollo Bakery is a Greek deli based in North Finchley and specialises in the finest Greek deli foods along with a variety of other treats for you to explore. Check out our Menu to find out what we have to offer and stop by to try something healthy and delicious. 

Whether you want a loaf of bread, coffee, breakfast or looking for a birthday cake or a wedding cake, and catering for an event, Apollo Bakery is here to help.
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