Are you looking for a stunning, freshly baked, beautifully finished birthday cake in Finchley? We've got you covered! Check out our cake gallery to see some of the best birthday cakes in Finchley.

Finding your perfect birthday cake in North London can feel like a challenge, but Apollo Bakery can help. We offer a huge selection of cakes, sweet treats and even traditional bread.

No matter what type of birthday celebrations you are having you can find what you need from our Finchley based bakery.

Why buy a custom birthday cake in North London?

Custom cakes have always been the centrepiece to the best celebrations - from weddings and engagement party cakes to the biggest and best birthday cakes.

Cakes purchased in the supermarket are great, but they are often dry, quickly finished and not personal. A custom made birthday cake is made using fresh ingredients, and every detail is finished by hand - with you in mind.

A personalised birthday cake

What makes choosing a personalised birthday cake in North London so much fun is that you can get as creative as you like.

Opting from a galaxy-inspired cake to a multilayer dusty rose buttercream filling is all possible.

Even a simple cake, free of preservatives and additives with a name piped on, feels more personal.

Big birthday cake surprise

A personalised birthday cake can be one of the biggest surprises for the occasion. When you pick up your custom cake from our Finchley based bakery, you will see the quality and the care that went into making it.

And when you surprise the person in question with a stunning cake, there is no feeling like it!

Custom birthday cakes bring a unique and exciting feeling to an already great day, which is something you can’t buy in a store.

A themed birthday cake

Perhaps you need a personalised birthday cake in North London that fits a specific theme. Well, that is where a custom cake is the best option! Theme parties are becoming more common, and it can be challenging to find a ready-made cake that meets your needs.

A hand designed birthday cake will meet all of your requirements and then some! While the birthday celebrant will be the star of the show - the cake just might be a close second.

From big names in games like Mario to superheroes and the Marvel gang, or a delicate and softly glittered Unicorn themed cake - you’ll always get the perfect cake for the occasion.

Even a Finchley F.C themed cake!

Custom cakes make memories

As we celebrate birthdays, we take many photos, and one of the most important photos is the cutting of the cake. It’s hard to hide a big beaming smile as you slice into a freshly made and hand-finished cake.

Unique birthday cakes make a big talking point; since they are entirely bespoke, it's hard not to be impressed by one.

When the next birthday rolls around, you might just find you need to give us a call again to make your North London custom birthday cake dreams come true!

Whether you want a loaf of bread, coffee, breakfast or looking for a birthday cake or a wedding cake, and catering for an event, Apollo Bakery is here to help.
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