You’ll discover something you love

With so much food for you to try, there is no point in being stubborn about your tastes. Trying different cuisines will open up your world to something you never knew you loved before, but it can quickly become something that you cannot live without. You don’t need to accept that your tastes are settled, and your taste buds deserve the chance to experience something new besides your regular meals. 

You can improve your diet

Trying new things isn’t always about indulging in something sweet or greasy. Many world foods are healthier than your average meal as long as they are prepared the right way. Different cuisines are packed with nutrients and minerals that you may not find in your usual food, and this can contribute to a more balanced diet to make you feel healthy and happy. 

You learn about other cultures

Education does not start and finish at school. Eating cuisines from different countries can teach you more about these cultures than you could ever learn from reading a book or watching a documentary. The tastes of these cultures will enhance your immersion, which can give you an idea of what life is like there. From the almond-rich flavours of your new favourite Greek dishes to the herby goodness of different breads, there is always room to find out more. 

You can inspire your friends and family

If you want your friends and family to appreciate the world the same way you do, you can introduce them to these new dishes and cuisines that will inspire them to follow suit. This is especially good for children who are notoriously fussy eaters, but you need to be the one who inspires them to try something different. 

You feel adventurous 

Everyone likes feeling adventurous, don’t they? While you might be too busy to travel the world right now, sampling unique cuisines from your favourite Greek bakery in Finchley can make you feel like you’re on the adventure of a lifetime. And, as Greece isn’t going anywhere any time soon, you can plan your next trip there so you can sample authentic cuisine right from the source. 

Try something new today 

Apollo Bakery is a bakery based in Finchley that offers a wide range of food and drink options. Whether you want to stop by to pick up a coffee and croissant on the way to work, or feel like treating yourself to the classic Baklava on the way home, check out our Menu to see what new delights await you. 

Whether you want a loaf of bread, coffee, breakfast or looking for a birthday cake or a wedding cake, and catering for an event, Apollo Bakery is here to help.
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